Snap buckles

Enable lanyard and card to be separated.

Snap buckles are available in a range of designs and materials. Both plastic snap buckles and metal snap buckles can be branded with logos; the logos or text can be screen printed, etched or embossed on the surface of the snap buckle.

Often used when carrying phones, the snap buckles allow the phone to be swiftly and temporarily detached from the lanyard. Snap buckles often also add to the conceptual design of the lanyard with the same design or a different design on the lower part of the lanyard.

Some snap buckles will swivel, some are lighter than others and some give off a bold message.

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Toyota - screen printed combines metal & plastic, detachable snap buckle

IDentilam - etched silver coloured metal, detachable snap buckle

Motorola - plastic swivel detachable, snap buckle

CaddiePen - plastic heavy duty, detachable snap buckle

IDentilam Gold - screen printed, plastic 'slim-line' detachable snap buckle