Breakaway lanyards

All lanyards can be fitted with a safety breakaway device. The style of breakaway will differ according to the weight and width of the lace. We are also able to colour match the breakaway with the lace.

Safety lanyard breakaways are incorporated in more than 70% of lanyards produced. The breakaway is positioned behind the neck as standard but can also be fitted to the side if preferred.

All the breakaway devices are available in widths that are the same as the lanyard width. Added safety need not mean being less attractive with the breakaway being hidden around the back of the neck.

Rest easy knowing that if the lanyards snag on something, the breakaway will swing into action.

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IDentilam - 20mm breakaway (shown open)

IDentilam - 25mm breakaway

Wimbledon - 16mm breakaway

Lace Matching - Breakaways can be colour coded to match or complement lace

Safety breakaway lanyards