Branded lanyards

The lanyard or attachment can be custom branded in a variety of ways, including PVC decals, etching, customised sliders, etc.

Branding on a lanyard is a little like adding accessories to a car; the branding will personalise the style of the product to the company.

The lanyard branding can be carried out on plastic and metal and not only adds to the functionality of the lanyard but also its uniqueness. Bottle openers as part of a lanyard are very popular for concerts and festivals as are the telephone loop attachments.

Plastic decals can carry the company name or identify the particular event. The plastic decals can be pantone matched and add glamour to the lanyard.

The lanyard decals are also used for attaching other accessories to the lanyard and can be manufactured to all shapes and sizes in multi colours. Be different, stand out in the crowd and feel “cool” wearing the decal lanyard.

Branded Lanyards are growing in popularity. The branded attachments are not only for brand identity but also are practical in many cases. The plastic slider decal will adjust the lanyard so that it fits snuggly to individuals.

Screen printing a logo onto a plastic or metal snap buckle is not only “classy” but practical. Functionality doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

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Carlsberg - laser engraved bottle opener

BSB 2008 - date stamped screen printed crimp

Heineken - negative embossed, silver coloured metal detachable snap buckle

Toyota - screen printed, combination plastic & metal detachable snap buckle

Examples of plastic, PVC decals, moulded & coloured for branding

IDentilam - etched silver coloured metal detachable snap buckle

IDentilam - PVC raised emboss length adjuster

IDentilam - screen printed plastic detachable snap buckle