Doppie 3500LD Printer

High Speed
The high-speed Badge Printer has been designed to print full colour Fanfold IDhesive badges, in a range of sizes, in just a few seconds. The high-speed output is matched by high quality print that can be singularly printed or in batches. The use of separate pigment ink cartridges will save money; the amount/cost of ink to be used on a specific design can be calculated in advance.

Print your Badges to order
The fast print speed combined with the flexible software enables the printing of full colour graphics, photographs, barcodes and personal data from a blank white badge. Information can be printed to the front and reverse, the same or different to each side. Thereby adhering to the international recommendations/guidelines that eliminate the need for pre-printed badge stock, which is costly and wasteful.

Full control over printing
The printing process avoids the wastage generated from using pre-printed templates; it furthermore generates all the data being printed onto the badge and therefore is more secure and faster in the output of the personalised badge. All printing is on demand and there is no chance of pre-printed stock going astray. Badge distribution is thereby on demand as is the printing.

High Quality and Durable
The pigment ink dries very quickly and can be handled immediately. The ink not only dries quickly but also provides for the highest quality, high resolution printing. The badge material means that the finished product is smudge proof, water, fade and tear resistant that can be used for several days without any visible degradation. Perfectly suited to a wide variety of environments.

Easy to use Printer
The specially produced badges are easily loaded into the printer. The LCD screen shows ink levels and printer status. A short video demonstrates the loading procedure and set up which takes only a minute or two.

Summary of key features

  • Choice of badge sizes.
  • Durable and water & tear resistant badges.
  • Print speed under 6 seconds per 2-sided badge.
  • IDentilam software enables comprehensive badge design and data import.