Badging Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer environmentally friendly badging options?

Yes, we care strongly about the environment at IDentilam and offer R-PET lanyards manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, recyclable and recycled PVC wallets, biodegradable PVC cards, reusable window badges and are constantly striving to add more and more sustainable and ECO friendly products to our range.

Do you sell badges which don’t require a plastic wallet?

Our hugely popular IDhesive peel & fold badges can be directly attached to a lanyard or attachment without the need for a plastic wallet. The IDhesive’s are available in a range of badge sizes and materials including tear and water-resistant options.

Can I print my own badges or do you print them for me?

The answer to this is both options are available. Our Conference Card Creator and ComPic software packages can be purchased to enable you to manage badge production in house, or we can print all of your badges for you as part of a managed bureau or onsite service.

Can my badges be printed on demand as delegate arrive at the event or do I need to print in advance?

Our scan and deliver feature, available for purchase with our software or as part of a managed service, enables an email containing a barcode to be sent out in advance of your event. Registered delegates can then present this on arrival, either as a printout or on their mobile device and a badge is printed in seconds. This process is particularly fast if our high-speed full-colour Doppie 3500LD printer is used.

Is your badging software simple to use?

Yes, it is! However, both Conference Card Creator and ComPic are full of many useful features and to make full use of the software we recommend opting for one of our user training courses. Available at either your offices or ours, or online via a screen sharing programme, this not only gives you a wider knowledge of the software but also comes with 12 months free of charge telephone helpline support as well.

Can your software be integrated with other systems such as event registration or event management platforms?

Yes, we provide integrations for both our Conference Card Creator and ComPic software via an API interface to enable seamless transfer of data and information such as access rights and badge category. The interface removes the need for manual import/export of information between databases.

Do you supply portable badge printers?

We offer a range of badge printers including colour inkjet and direct to plastic printers. Our most popular model for Conference and Event badges is the Doppie 3500LD which enables the production of high quality, full colour, water and tear-resistant badges in around 6 seconds.

If I don’t want to print my own badges, do you offer and onsite badging service?

Yes, we can manage the whole process for you from badge set up and printing in advance of your event, through to full onsite support. A dedicated project manager is allocated to guide you through each stage. Onsite we can supply badge printers and all other necessary equipment to enable the production of badges on-demand as delegates arrive, or for late registrations and reissues.

How can I track delegate attendance at our events?

The Badge & Track module available with both Conference Card Creator and ComPic enables you to track and report on attendance to your event as well as individual break out rooms, sessions and seminars. With the Badge & Track mobile app real-time reports can be viewed in dashboard style format and badges printed using a mobile phone or tablet.

Do you supply RFID badges?

Yes, Badge & Track operates with both barcode and RFID technology. All of our badges can be supplied with an RFID chip which can then be scanned using a handheld RFID reader or tapped on desktop or wall-mounted readers positioned around the venue.