university of east london

University of East London

Based at three campuses in Stratford and Docklands, the University of East London has over 19,000 students from 120 countries, all of whom is issued with a secure photo ID card for security and control of access to its various buildings.

For students due to enrol in September 2016, UEL utilised IDentilam’s web based solution ComPicWeb to provide an online process to enable each student to add a photo to their application, and ComPic, our badging software for printing plastic photo ID cards. Also supplied by IDentilam, to UEL’s specification, the plastic cards contained contactless technology to work with the university’s access control, cashless vending and library systems.

After consultation with the client an online application system was set up and hosted by IDentilam. The enrolment data was provided in advance and imported into ComPicWeb to create an application for each student. Students were then invited via an automatically generated email to log in to the website and upload a photo to their application. Further emails notified the students of the status of their applications and also reminded those who had not yet uploaded their photograph to do so. Throughout the process authorised users could also log in to the website and view all pending and completed applications, and run reports as and when required.

At the end of the registration process all approved applications were submitted into the ComPic badging system and photo badges printed at our secure production facility in Horsham, using our industry leading Doppie direct to plastic card printers.

All printed ID cards were returned to UEL, sorted in alphabetical order and by campus, to allow for easy issue.

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