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Bonkers About Badging

Here at IDentilam we are probably a bit bonkers about badging. We have been in the business for 30+ years and although we have seen many badging trends come and go, one thing that has remained constant throughout is our customers asking us for ‘something different’ or ‘unique’ – which we think is great! Your events are all different, so why should your badges be all the same?

This is why we are proud to have the strapline ‘Manageable Choices, Unlimited Options’. To us it’s more then just a slogan, we truly do believe you should be unique and innovative with your event badging and is the reason why we have created 30+ different badge sizes across a variety of materials including paper, PIP, plastic and PVC. We do also understand the need to be environmentally friendly and with this in mind, many of our badge options are recyclable, biodegradable or re-usable.

It’s not just the badges themselves that we are enthusiastic about, it’s also how you create them. We have spent many years continually developing our badging software and this allows us to create high quality, professional looking conference and event badges in our bureau department, as part of a managed service. Alternatively, our Conference Card Creator and ComPic software packages can be purchased to enable you to manage your own badge production in house.

If you wanted to find out any further information on our badge type options or badging software please do get in touch by calling 01293 851711 or by emailing

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