The Adventures of IDentiman

IDENTIMAN WAS AMAZED. He had rarely seen quite so many people at a business conference. It was a fine September morning in East London as he marveled at the number of the world’s tour operators and tourist boards who were gathered for their three-day annual conference.

It was with no small degree of satisfaction that IDentiman noticed all the delegates were wearing the bespoke badges and lanyards he had created but he had another idea that he thought might be of interest to the conference organisers and appeal to a large number of their trade stands.

He eased his way through the crowds as discreetly as a man can dressed head to toe in deep blue, wearing a mask and with the letters ID emblazoned on his figure hugging Lycra top, until he found his way to one of the small ante rooms where he had arranged to meet Charlotte Fielding one of the conference organisers.

The briskly efficient Ms Fielding, if surprised by his attire did not register any, and offered him a seat and a mineral water. ‘So IDentiman, we are already using your excellent badges and colourful lanyards, now what can you offer us to add to what is already a remarkably comprehensive package?’

IDentiman sipped his water and smiled beneath his mask. ‘It occurred to me’ he said, ‘that there is something random about how the various trade stands attract interest and generate leads for new business.’

He went on to explain that from his travel market research he had noted that nature tourism accounted for around 20% of the global travel market and appealed specifically to well educated, well-travelled and high-end travellers.

‘That is very true,’ responded Charlotte, ‘The focus for this sector of the market is about showing exotic and beautiful locations such as rain forests and mountain trails and raising the awareness of the visitors to both their importance and fragility.’

‘We have a number of nature and eco-tourist trade stands here and equally a number of travel operators who are keen to talk to them and possibly include one or more of their countries in their own 2020 travel portfolios.’

IDentiman smiled again. ‘I am very pleased to hear that because I have created a rather helpful sales lead feature that will be of use to you to add to your package and indeed all of the people who are exhibiting on the trade stands.’

He went on to explain how before the next travel show he would create a barcode sheet with each different barcode relating to products being offered on each individual stand.

‘So when a delegate visits a trade stand and decides what they are interested in they will scan his or her badge and the barcode sheet at the end of the convention they will be able to print out a report of exactly who visited and what they were interested in.’

‘Imagine how good that will be for the people running the trade stands, many of whom at some exhibitions just end up with a massive pile of business cards they have to work their way through.’

Charlotte said only one word to the Lycra clad, event badging, superhero, ‘Genius!’

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