Tips to keep your badge printer printing

The last thing you need when your delegates are arriving at your event is for your badge printer to suddenly stop working! Although some breakdowns are unavoidable of course, by taking these simple steps the majority of the issues can be avoided.

Most of these seem obvious however it is surprising how often they are overlooked.

Keep them clean!

It’s very simple, the badge printers, like any piece of equipment, need to be kept clean and where possible free from dirt and dust. Regular cleaning will maintain a high quality output as well as improving reliability. We provide tips on recommended cleaning procedures for all of the printers in our range, along with cleaning kits and cleaning cards.

Don’t expose them to extreme temperatures

Be that a heatwave or the beast from the East the printers don’t always perform at their best in extreme temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight – they are best suited to a room temperature environment. Having said that IDentilam printers have been used in many countries with a hot climate including Bahrain, Dubai, Australia and Afghanistan – just keep them out of the sun!

Transport them safely

When printers are returned to us with a reported fault, it is often immediately apparent they have either been dropped somewhere along the line, or damaged in transit. It’s very important to make sure your printers are sufficiently packed when transporting them from event to event, either in the manufacturers shipping box or event better, one of our specifically designed flight cases.

Use the correct ink cartridges and ribbons

All of the printers produce the best results and have a longer operational life if the manufacturers genuine cartridges and ribbons are used rather than copies. We hold large stocks of consumables for all of the Doppie printers in our range, so can offer next day shipping in most cases.

Support contract

Of course by far and away the best option to ensure your printer is maintained and your badging software is kept up to date is to purchase one of our support contracts.

We offer a choice of support packages which can include many features including;

  • Service visits from an IDentilam technician to your site, once or twice a year
  • Free upgrades to the latest version of the software
  • 12 months free telephone helpline support
  • A printer service on a return to factory basis

If you have any questions regarding our maintenance contracts or your badging software/printers please do get in touch by calling 01293 851711 or by emailing

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