The Adventures of IDentiman

Chapter Five: Event Tech Live

‘So what you are telling me is that you are no nearer to finding IDenti, whatever they call him now than you were three months ago.’ Zach Penfold, editor of the badge designers’ trade magazine, ‘What Badge Week’, was getting annoyed at the amount of expenses his star reporter, Susan Shapiro, was running up whilst trying to track down the mysterious badging superhero, IDentiman, who created some of the finest badging solutions ever seen.

‘No, boss but I have got some great leads and I shall be going to Event Tech Live in London so I can finally unmask him. I am almost sure I know who he is.

IDentiman was down as one of the guest speakers who was due to announce his latest revolutionary creation and the hall was sure to be packed, luckily Susan had got her press pass early.

She also wanted to fit in so pulled on her best jeans and coolest trainers before leaving home for the east side of London. She got there just as IDentiman was taking the stage, swirling his blue cape to loud applause.

Behind him was a blue curtain with a large letter ‘I’ printed on it that opened to a peal of music as IDentiman revealed his latest masterpiece, the badging kiosk!

‘Just think,’ said IDentiman, ‘not only will it reduce the number of staff needed to help check in delegates at big shows like this it will also reduce wastage on-site. The delegates will arrive at a kiosk; scan their emailed barcode onto the screen and will not only be checked in but also have their badge printed for them there and then.’

The crowd started to applaud but IDentiman was not finished, ‘And,’ he went on, ‘the badges are water and tear resistant so you won’t need to worry about using plastic in a wallet. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my very own IDentiman badging kiosk.’

With that the curtains closed to loud cheers and IDentiman disappeared behind them, not to be seen again in the hall.

Susan Shapiro, wondering where she could get some more information on the badging kiosk for a story, headed over to the Cutting Edge trade stand to look for Mallory Flowers, a junior software designer with the company.

A young man in a plaid shirt, wearing jeans and sporting a fashionably short haircut and stubble was alone behind the stand. ‘Excuse me, is Mallory going to be here today?’ Susan asked.

‘Sorry,’ replied the young man, ‘he is not due here until tomorrow.’

‘OK, thanks,’ said Susan, ‘but just one last thing and I know this sounds a bit crazy but, have you ever seen Mallory and IDentiman in the same room together?’

Looking confused, the young man shook his head.

‘Mmm,’ thought Susan as she headed for the exit, ‘I thought not.’

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