The Adventures of IDentiman

Chapter 4: Pharmaceutical Conference Conundrums

MALLORY FLOWERS was enjoying his breakfast and gently easing into his second poached egg when his watch started to flash red. ‘Damn,’ he thought, ‘do I never get a chance to enjoy a day off?’

‘Mum, there’s a panic on, I’m afraid, I have to go to work,’ he called through to his mother who was making tea for them both. ‘But, Mallory, she cried, ‘you haven’t even finished your breakfast and I cooked your favourite!’

Mallory barely heard her, he was off to his rented lock-up garage, two streets away. Within minutes, Mallory Flowers was no more and IDentiman had arrived, cape billowing behind his metallic blue 1,000 cc motorbike, he was on his way to Zendovan PLC, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The receptionist gasped in amazement, as all receptionists did, at the sight of a man wearing a blue Lycra body suit, face mask and cape, but once he told her that he was here to see Franz Schnellinger, Director of European events, he was whisked upstairs and into Schnellinger’s glass box of an office.

‘Herr IDentiman, good morning. Thank you for coming so promptly can I offer you tea, coffee, mineral water? And may I say how much I like your outfit.’ IDentiman declined, being keen simply to get to the bones of Schnellinger’s problem.

‘Our dilemma is this. We are hosting our annual pharmacy conference in Basel for UK pharmacists. In total there will be 600+ delegates attending. They will include pharmacists who can score the conference as part of their continued professional development programme, twenty or so key-note speakers for various seminars and lectures, plus lots of our own people from different sectors of the company. What we cannot find is anyone who can produce bespoke badges with names, photographs and most importantly conference entitlements & privileges, displayed on the badges.

IDentiman leant back in his chair. ‘Herr Schnellinger, for a minute I thought that you were going to ask me to solve something difficult. This really is not a problem.’

IDentiman explained how he had created a software package that could do everything that Schnellinger wanted and more. ‘You can even have a scannable barcode on the badge that will report what seminars delegates attend and, just as importantly, who did not attend various events. How does that sound?’

‘It sounds wonderful,’ replied Schnellinger, ‘can you even create corporate lanyards for the badges?’

‘Of course, ‘replied IDentiman, ‘and if you want to you could buy the software package that I design specifically for your company, and it will allow you to produce all of your badges in house.’

Franz Schnellinger was now a happy man and as IDentiman roared back towards home his stomach rumbling, he wondered what his mum was cooking for lunch.

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