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Don’t be predictable at events:

It’s easy to get stuck in the same old routine, doing the same thing in the same way, time and time again, we are all guilty of that to some extent. It’s also very easy to fall into using something just because it’s what you’ve used before, rather then because its fit for purpose – like your event badges for example!

Now we don’t claim to be experts at organising events at IDentilam, but we do know a thing or two about event badging, and therefore know there isn’t an excuse for churning out the same badges every time. Whether your event is for a few thousand people or just fifty, there are a variety of different badge types to choose from, so why not mix it up and try something new? Our range includes more than 30 badge types or sizes.

The way that we see it there are three main considerations when deciding on the perfect event badge for you;

  1. Badge Size
  2. Badge Type
  3. Badge Material

The badge size can often be determined by what needs to go on it. If you have a lot of data to be printed, plus perhaps also a map or agenda, then a larger format badge might be needed. However if it’s just name and organisation a smaller badge might suffice. It also depends on the type of event you are organising; for some events it’s better the badge is large so that it can be viewed from distance by a security guard – sporting organisations love a big badge for example!

The sort of event you are running can also determine the most suitable badge type to use. It might not be appropriate to issue a large chunky badge with a lanyard for a formal suited event for example and credit card style badges might be more suitable.

The badge material is also an important consideration. For a short, low profile event, a simple paper based badge might suffice, however for longer term use, a PVC badge or our IDhesive fanfold badges would provide a more durable option. A number of our IDhesive badges are also tear and water resistant, ideal if your event is outside.

If the type of badge type  you’re using currently is working well for you, then that’s great, but if it’s just habit that’s making you stick to the same badge at every event, why not change it up for something fresh.

If you wanted to find out anything more about the different badge types that we can offer please do get in touch on 01293 851711 or drop an email to the sales team at You can also reach us on socials.

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