The Adventures of IDentiman

Chapter Three: Banks Badging Blunder

IDentiman was feeling depressed. Super heroes should not have to use lifts, they should burst in dramatically through rooflights having defied gravity. But health and safety regulations put an end to that. The previous week in the Queens district of New York Spider-man had been charged with public disorder for scaling a government owned building contrary to City regulations.

As he gazed up at the soaring, glass tower block that was just one of the many new monuments along the River Thames, IDentiman thought how much he would’ve enjoy scaling it. But no, he would sign in at reception and take the lift like everyone else.

He was at Cash Gold Bank’s London office, founded in Boston during the 1900s, and a place where the receptionist gave you a million dollar smile and the employees took home million dollar bonuses. But the bank had a problem and he was there to solve it.

IDentiman had received an emergency call on his IDentiwatch from Tiffany Cash, Vice President responsible for internal operations at Cash Gold and a direct descendant of one of the bank’s founding fathers, Reuben Cash. She sat behind a huge desk in an oak paneled office with leather chairs and priceless, contemporary oil paintings adorning the walls.

‘Hmmm,’ said Tiffany, ‘I’ve not had a meeting with a man wearing tights and a mask before. Still, I am told you are the best, so let’s get on with it.’

‘Gold Cash currently employs 5,617 staff in the UK with 1,864 in this building. We are looking at consolidating and moving to larger premises the other side of the river, this means over 3,000 of our London based team will be in one building.

With security being one of our most vital concerns we need to know how we can ensure that only the people we employ can gain access to the building unless authorized from the front desk.’

‘Fortunately, Ms Cash,’ said IDentiman, ‘I have something in my tool belt that you may well find of interest.’

He pulled out a memory stick and passed it across the desk. ‘This was one of my earlier inventions in my pledge to spread creation, innovation and trust amongst our country’s business community. It’s called ComPicWeb.’

Tiffany watched her screen as IDentiman’s presentation explained how his badging system meant that staff could apply for their own ID cards, working their way through a series of authorization levels before the company granted final approval and the local ComPic software printed the pass.

‘So you can create a bespoke package for us, with up to five levels of authorization?’ asked Tiffany.

‘Of course,’ replied IDentiman.

‘Brilliant,’ said Tiffany. ‘Let’s go for it and, by the way, as you really are a superhero, I don’t mind if you want to leave by the window.’

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