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As I sit on the train reliving the client meeting I’ve just been to, I can’t help but think about how useful delegate tracking is to some people in the events industry. Just imagine this… you are hosting a big event, you have a few people who will pre-register but the majority of people will just turn up on the day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see how well attended your event is and which of your seminars or breakout sessions are the most popular?

There are so many ways that this knowledge can benefit your company – you would know which areas are working for you and deserve funding and which areas aren’t so popular and should be rethought. To gain that sort of insight into your event you will need a way in which to track your delegate attendance. Well no need to fret, IDentilam have the answer in the form of our Badge & Track software module.

Attendance Tracking module:

You can produce great, professional looking badges with Badge & Track and also track your delegates attendance to the event and breakout sessions. How does it all work? Pretty simple really, you import your delegate data into the badging software via a CSV import, once imported each delegate’sRFID reader for delegate attendance tracking record will be allocated a unique serial number. You then create your badge within the badge design feature – adding on a barcode or a QR code which will link to each person’s unique serial number. After your badges are created you are then free to send them to print, or wait to print them on arrival of each delegate. Once the badges have been handed out they can be scanned by your event staff with our BadgeScan barcode scanners, or for QR codes, our handsfree 1D/2D scanner.

Alternatively Badge & Track can operate using RFID technology along with desktop or wall mounted ‘tap-in’ readers. After downloading, the scanned data is available to view and on screen attendance reports can be created, or the data exported for use within another programme.

Badging systems:

We have two badging systems available that are compatible with our tracking module; Conference Card Creator and ComPic. A recent development with our ComPic Badge & Track system allows use of a mobile app to check delegates into events using a smartphone or tablet, print their badges and access real time attendance reporting in dashboard format.

Find out more:

To find out more about which one is right for you then have a look at our website, give us a call on  01293 851711 or email  to arrange a free demo of the software.

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