Make the right first impression

Did you know that within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone your subconscious has already formed an opinion of them? In this modern age you don’t often get a second chance at a first impression, we don’t like to think of ourselves as shallow but in those first few seconds all we can judge is what you look like. Now i’m no Gok Wan but I know that it’s important to accessorise an outfit. With this concept in mind read on to find out how accessorising your badges and lanyards will help your company and your event create a great first impression.

First up let’s talk about lanyard accessories. In order to create the perfect lanyard look you need to think about what function it has to serve and what environment it will be used in e.g. It is unlikely that you will need a bottle opener attachment within a corporate conference (although it might make them more interesting). It’s more likely that a mobile phone attachment or USB stick lanyard would be more useful.

We have a few lanyard attachments that can be branded, for example our badge reels or metal pit pass style holders. This will not only make your lanyards look top notch, it will also spread awareness of your brand.

Looking for something to make you stand out? We have a variety of weird and wonderful attachments that stray from the norm. Some examples of these are our whistle attachment, bottle holders, bottle openers and for all of you crazy conference cats out there…pen holder attachments! To find out more about branded attachments for lanyards have a look at our website.

For those of you who are looking for badge holders and wallets – don’t worry we’ve got those too. The same principle applies, you need to understand what function they need to serve and what environment they will be used in e.g. for an outdoor event you need something sturdy and robust such as a rigid wallet. Or if the weather is against you a gripper seal wallet or encapsulated badge. For a conference setting perhaps a conference card holder or a smaller landscape wallet. For something a little different we can offer branded credential wallets.

If you are looking at this and still have no clue what’s best for your event then get in touch. Call the office on 01293 851711, emails us at or comment on this blog or socials.

If you want to know more about what IDentilam does, have a quick watch of our company videos. 

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