Multiple offices, one ID card system

It always surprises me how many customers we speak with who don’t have a consistent ID card system throughout their company and as a result have to carry around multiple ID cards for the different offices they visit. This seems ludicrous in 2018 and here at IDentilam we think we have the solution!

The answer to your struggles could be ComPicWeb, our bespoke web-based solution that works alongside our ComPic badging software and allows;

  • Applications for new ID cards from any employee with web access.
  • Applications to amend details on an existing ID card or replace lost cards.
  • Access to one central ID card database from anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive online reporting of cards issued, cards due for renewal etc.
  • A secure bespoke platform for your company.

ComPicWeb makes work life easier and quicker! (the ID card issuing part anyway!). Gone are the days of sending letters or emails to head office to ask for a new/replacement ID card. Simply log on, make an application – this can then go through your required authorisation stages e.g. line manager approval. Once the application has been authorised it will be printed via our ComPic badging software and then sent out to the relevant employees.

The system can either be hosted in house by you, so that you are totally self sufficient, or we can host it on our secure servers. The badges once printed will be sent out to the relevant offices for issue. ComPicWeb has been created by our own team of in-house developers so we can tailor a system to meet your exact requirements. To find out whether ComPicWeb is right for you get in touch with our friendly team on 01293 851711, email or comment on the blog/ socials.

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