Size doesn’t matter… or does it?

Well when it comes to Conference and Event badges it seems that it does. There are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing the right size of badge for your event badging, including;

What’s on the badge?

The amount of branding and data on your badge will directly correlate to what size the badge will need to be. Multiple lines of variable data, logos and embellishments, along with an agenda on the reverse, will obviously require a larger format badge then say just a logo and one line of data.

Type of event

The type of conference or event the badge is being worn at can often determine the most suitable size. For formal ‘suited’ corporate events a smaller more discreet badge is more appropriate, whereas a larger format badge worn with a lanyard is more practical at events where quick and easy identification is required from a distance.

Industry trends:                                                                                              

Certain industries or market sectors tend to favour particular sizes of badge. For example almost all of the badges we produce for the Motorsport sector are size 54x120mm, often supplied with a metal pit pass style holder. 95x75mm and 120x95mm are very popular sizes for Technology/Publishing/Marketing sector conferences and exhibitions, however the sports industry and outdoor events prefer a bigger badge such as large format PVC with or an A6 size badge as they are easily identifiable from afar. Check out the size of badges they use at the football World Cup and Olympic Games!

Personal preference:

Having said all of these, in a lot of cases it is simply down to personal preference. Sometimes you will use a bigger badge just because you like the look of it, and that’s ok! There has been a rise in the use of larger format badges recently, whether this is due to people needing to show more information on their badges or whether this is just a shift in the perception of what looks good I don’t know.

What I do know is that your event badging is personal to you and if you encompass all of the points above into your decision then big badge or small you can’t go wrong.

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