Top Tips For Better Badging Onsite

Our badging teams are out onsite throughout the year operating in many different types of venue and locations, both indoors and outside. However, no matter what size and type of event it is, we usually encounter the same issues and challenges.

To help avoid these badging faux pas, we’ve put together a few Top Tips for better onsite badging.

Make sure there is sufficient space

Whether you are printing badges in advance and setting them out for collection, or printing all badges on arrival, it is important to provide sufficient space for the registration area.

Our team is very flexible and we have set up and operated in a cupboard or storeroom on more than the odd occasion, however efficiency of badge production will suffer if there is not enough room to set up the required number of laptops, badge printers and barcode/RFID scanners.

Think about the layout

The size of space provided is not the only thing to consider when designing an efficient registration area. It is also important that the badge stations are set up in a way that will enable attendees to move through the registration and badging process quickly.

If the layout of the registration area is poor it can result in queues at some of the badge stations but with others under utilised. Good signage and/or direction by the event staff is key to moving people through quickly.

Allow enough time for set up

Make sure there is an appropriate amount of time for the badging team to set up their equipment before the delegates start arriving. This works both ways, you don’t want us to be set up too early and twiddling our thumbs but it would obviously not be good if we are still setting up when delegates walk through the door. The set-up time varies from event to event but we like to give ourselves around an hour for equipment set up and have a quick run through. The more systems that we have onsite the longer we will need to set up. If you’re unsure at all about how long it will take to set up the systems, then give us a call and have a chat with the sales team.

Keep an eye on the temperature

Having provided a badging service in a large industrial warehouse whilst in the grip of the Beast from the East, we know from first hand experience the perils of working in extremes of temperature. Although very hardy, badge printers do not work as efficiently if subjected to particularly hot or cold  temperatures for a long period of time, much like event staff!

In a lot of instances the badging and registration desk is situated close to the front entrance and although this can’t be avoided of course, measure should be taken to create a comfortable environment for event staff and delegates alike.

Brief the event staff

Our badging team is often the first point of contact for arriving delegates and as a result they are regularly presented with a host of different questions. Although they can very quickly provide answer such as where the toilets are or what time the event starts, they understandably don’t have an in depth knowledge of the event programme. It is therefore a good idea to ensure there is a fully briefed member of your events team on hand at the registration desk at all times if possible.

If you have an event coming up and you need to get the badging sorted then give us a call on 01293 851711 or email

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