IDentilam saves the world!

At IDentilam we offer a variety of Eco-friendly products such as our biodegradable PVC cards, wallets made from recyclable plastic and Eco lanyards made from PET polyester. Another way in which our products are great for the environment is that a lot of them are reusable. For example our window badges are designed to be used at multiple events and are durable and can be used again and again.

It’s not just our products; we have also adapted the way we pack our orders in the factory to make it as environmentally friendly as possible! IDentilam’s production manager Adrian Allmey says:

“In our strive to reduce packaging and make our process more environmentally friendly we have actually made  our packing quicker and more efficient – it’s a win win situation and we are constantly looking at all products and how they can be better produced and packed.”

For example our popular IDhesive badges used to be packed in plastic bags and then put in to cardboard boxes.

The new way of packing has the badges loose in the box and every 100 is separated by a coloured piece of card. The box is smaller and recyclable as is the coloured card inside.


We are continually looking at ways that we can make our products and packaging more environmentally sustainable.

For further information about any of our products or services give us a call on 01293 851711 or email or you can find us on socials.

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