Why choosing a badge system is like buying a house

Is it better to rent or buy? A question asked by hundreds of first time buyers across the UK.

For many people to own your own house is ‘the dream’ it will provide you with something that is yours for life, it’s a long term investment for your future. Renting is often seen as more of a short term solution, a way to test the waters and gain some experience with living away from home whilst saving up to buy your own place.

You may be wondering how this is anything to do with badging? Well the same can be said for badging solutions, there are also two choices, either you buy the software to use in house, or use a badging service. Purchasing the software is a longer term investment for your badging future, however after the initial outlay, it will save you money in the long run when compared to outsourcing for every event. It also provides you with the flexibility of being able to use it as and when you require it.

For a shorter term solution, or for those who prefer not to purchase, a badging service can be used instead. This can comprise setting up and printing your badges in advance as well as a full onsite badge printing and scanning service. This will also enable you to gain a feel for the IDentilam software and all the features it includes.

To buy or to rent is up to you and very much depends on personal circumstance, the same can be said for your badging. Whether you are looking for a long term investment for multiple events a year or a short term solution for an annual event, the decision is yours.

To find out more information about our badging services or badging software then get in touch. We are happy to provide a free demonstration of the software online or at your offices.

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