A case for saving time… and grey hairs!

With time fast running out before your event starts,the last thing that you want to do is spend precious time sorting out your badges and putting them into some kind of order on the registration desk.

Wouldn’t it be great to simply walk into the venue, open a case and all of your badges are neatly organised in alphabetical order in removable trays ready for easy issue. Well our hugely popular Conference Card Caddies allow you to do just that!

Available in a choice of colours to match your event branding, your company logo or even your outfit! The Caddies are ideal for transporting and displaying your badges There are 4 different options of badge trays to accommodate a variety of badge types and sizes.

Alternatively we also have our NEW badge trays available for displaying and issuing your badges at your event. As they are made of transparent plastic they will work with any company colours or event branding. The trays themselves will accommodate 50 badges each and will hold a variety of badge types in our range including; IDhesive peel and fold badges, PVC cards, badge inserts with wallets and Reusable window badges. The trays are lightweight but will securely hold the badges even if the tray is knocked.

To find out more about the Caddie Case or the Badge Trays then please get in touch by calling 01293 851711 or by emailing sales@identilam.co.uk you can also  message us on socials or fill out an enquiry form on our website

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