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How to get quick, easy and stress free event badging

When it comes to producing your event badging you have a choice between outsourcing to a professional badging company such as IDentilam or managing the production in house. Neither one of these options are necessarily better than the other, it just depends on what works best for you.

When you outsource your badging to us you will be assigned a dedicated and skilled project manager to oversee the production of your badges. Our team are professionals and can advise you on issues (such as artwork design) and can handle small or larger print runs. You will receive a proof to sign off before any badge production begins to make sure that you are 100% happy with your badge design. Our dedicated team will make sure your badges make it to you on time for your event, all you have to worry about is sending us the artwork and the data and then let us take it from there!  We can even come onsite with you and manage the production of your badges for late registrations; we will see your badging through from beginning to end. Outsourcing is perfect for a one off event where buying an in-house system wouldn’t be worthwhile.

If you have multiple events a year then it might be worth looking in to managing  your badging in house to save on the cost of outsourcing for every event. Our badging software is a one off payment and then is yours to use as often as you want, it gives you full control over your badging from badge design to print. Both ComPic and Conference Card Creator enables you to produce a wide variety of badge types including the popular IDhesive peel and fold badges, paper badge inserts in a wide variety of sizes and PVC credit card style badges (ComPic only). The software includes a number of templates to make badge design easy. This gives you the flexibility to use multiple badge types for different events. On that note if you do hold multiple events throughout the year you can create separate projects in one system for each event. We use both Conference Card Creator and ComPic software for our badging service both in house and onsite.

There is no right or wrong when producing badges, there is only what is right for you. If you would like to know some more about outsourcing your badges to our bureau team or about badging software then get in touch by calling 01293 851711 or emailing you can also reach us over socials.

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