ID cards with ComPic


  •  Looking for photo ID cards?
  •  Want to manage the production of them in house?
  •  Need for a system that allows you to produce PVC cards with a photo?
  •  Would like the option to track your delegates?


You need our ComPic badging software; this will allow you to produce your own credit card sized PVC ID cards which can include: variable data, a logo, a photo and also a barcode. The barcode can either be a static barcode, which is just there for show as an added security measure or a database barcode which can create reports on delegate attendance.

Our Badge&Track module will allow database barcodes to be added to your badges, these can then be scanned with our easy to use handheld BadgeScan barcode readers and the delegate’s arrival to the event will be recorded. Once the scanners have been downloaded a report can be viewed of the tracking of your delegates. There is also the ability through live scanning to see whether people are booked in and allowed entry to certain breakout sessions. This module is an add-on to our ComPic software.

Once designed the ID cards can be printed through one of our Doppie printers and either placed straight on to a lanyard or attached to you by a self-adhesive attachment such as a pin and clip or a magnetic bar clip.

Other available add-ons with the ComPic software includes; our newly launched Badge&Track mobile app which allows you to track your delegates via your IOS or Android device, for more information on the app see here. Also there is ComPicWeb which is our cloud based system that works alongside the ComPic software. This will allow you to add or remove records, add photos, approve records and send them to the ComPic software, where they can be amended or printed. For more information on ComPicWeb see here.

We have recently launched the latest version of the ComPic software with a new design and added functionalities, if you are interested in seeing the software then get in touch and we can arrange a demo either at your offices or over the screen sharing programme Call 01293 851711 or email

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