Choosing the right badge for you.

With so many options to choose from, it can sometimes be confusing trying to decide which type of badge is right for you and your event. To help make your decision a little easier, we have put together a short list of points you might need to consider before ordering your badges.

How long is your event?

If your event is over one or two days then our IDhesive badges are ideal. Available in three sizes they can be peeled off and folded back on themselves to make a double sided badge. IDhesive’s can be attached straight on to a lanyard so there is no need to worry about stuffing them into wallets, saving you lots of time. If the event is longer than a few days, you might consider using a badge insert with a rigid or flexible plastic wallet or a PVC credit card style card badge. 


Where is your event being held?

If your conference or event is being held inside then this is not really an issue, all of our badge types will be suitable. However, if all or part of your event is going to be outside then you might consider an encapsulated badge or using weatherproof sealable plastic wallets. Alternatively our Pop-out Plastic Badges and IDhesive Label Badges are excellent water resistant options.


What size of badge?

To a large degree this really depends on what needs to be printed on the badge. If you want to include several logos, lots of variable data and perhaps a photograph or barcode, then obviously a larger format badge might be required. Itineraries, maps and agendas can also be added if the badge is of a suitably large size.

If the badges need to be viewed easily from a distance to perhaps authorise access to a stadium or venue, then again a larger size would be preferably, whereas for a meeting or networking event a smaller more subtle badge might suit.

How will the badges be worn or displayed?

Again this is often determined by the type of event at which the badges are to be used. For a formal ‘suited’ event a credit card style badge with a pin & clip or magnetic bar attachment is usual

ly the preferred choice. If the event is less formal then a wallet or badge attached to a lanyard is the most popular option. This of course also provides an excellent opportunity for sponsorship or brand promotion!



Is technology required?


If you are looking to track your delegates or report on attendance to your event, then you will need to add technology such as barcodes or RFID. Barcodes can be printed onto any badge type that we offer be it paper inserts, IDhesive folding badges or PVC cards. Similarly RFID technology can be adde

d to most badge types in the form of an integrated chip or idhesive tag.


Will you be printing many badges onsite?

Some badges such as our IDhesives are very quick and easy to produce making them ideal for printing large quantities onsite at the venue as attendees arrive. Other badges are more complex to produce and therefore more suited to printing in advance.

Now that you have more of an idea of what you require, give us a call to discuss the finer details on 01293 851711 or drop us an email on

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