Have you ever called in to a company with the best intentions, but come off the phone feeling as if they speak another language? I know that I have, but I also know that this is something that I tend to do as well.

We assume that because we understand what something is then everyone else will too, which isn’t always the case. So for your benefit see below a dictionary with some of the ‘IDentislang’ that we use.


 Lanyard: A piece of material that you can wear around your neck which can be branded to show logos. This can attach and display your name badge, wallets, keys or phone.          

Breakaway: A small attachment on a lanyard, used for safety, allows the lanyard to snap off when pulled.

Screen print: A form of printing where the ink is printed on top of the lace giving it a raised feel.

Dye sublimation: A form of printing in which the ink is sublimated in to the lace, giving it a smooth finish, most often used for lanyards.

Artwork bleed: When you supply your artwork with a 3mm overlap of the lines to allow for bleeding of the ink over the design.

Bureau: Nothing to do with the FBI don’t worry, the Bureau is our in-house department that manages the production of your ID cards and event badges.

ComPic: Our badging software which allows you to print PVC and paper badges with pictures on hence the PIC in ComPic.

Conference Card Creator: Our badging software which allows you to print paper badges with text and logos on.

Badges: Not the metal kind that you pin to your shirt, the name badge kind! It’s a form of displaying your name and company among other details on either paper or PVC.


IDhesive: A type of badge that peels off and folds back on itself like a butterfly badge to create a sturdy badge that can be attached directly to a lanyard.

DOPPIE: A direct to plastic printer which is supplied by IDentilam with our ComPic badging software to print PVC cards.

IDentilam: Our companys name a mixture of Identification and lamination.

IDentiblog: What you are reading now, our space for uploading blogs on our website.

Lead times: The amount of time from signed approval it will take for production to complete your goods.

E – visual: A computer generated visual of what your finished product will look like for you to sign off as approved.

Wallet: Not something that you keep your money in but rather a plastic pouch that holds paper or PVC inserts that can be attached to a lanyard.


I hope that this guide has been helpful! Let us know in the comments, or on socials. As always if you would like more information on anything mentioned above then please do give us a call on 01293 851711 or drop us an email at

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