IDentilam the movie

Thursday the 9th of March was the day that my colleagues and I became film stars! (Only a film for our website but it still counts). To say we were excited was an understatement… it’s not often that you have a camera crew at work.

The Film Maker/ Director – the brilliant Dan Smith of Evocative Films  prepared us for our close ups, putting our minds at rest and talking us through what we would say or do. 

Finally the make up was on, the smiles were cheesy and we were ready for action! The day began and the camera was up and running and ACTION!

Gayle, Laura and David were the first to go under the spotlight before the camera and crew made their way into the factory to see the boys, Adrian and Alex and also a small cameo from Claire in accounts. After showing off their superb building and packing skills the lens was turned to the Bureau team upstairs.  Dawn and Louise were next in the limelight showing our printers abilities, printing some badges for an on-site that they were going to that afternoon.

Next it was Laura’s time to shine, and show off all of our techy stuff including our bespoke software, the print process and scan & deliver.

After a quick break for lunch it was back to it and the camera was turned on to the sales team, between nervous giggling and joking ( Gayle, Jemma and I) the film crew managed to capture some serious scenes, like showing off our quality customer service. Dan then whizzed off with his camera to film David demonstrating  the badge and track module of the software.

The day overall was certainly a great experience for all involved and we all look forward to the release of the film.

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