It’s National Pet Month

To celebrate National Pet Month we would like to introduce to you the pets of IDentilam! Below are a few snippets and pictures of our colleagues with their pets.

Adrian and Torty:

Adrian is the Production Manager at IDentilam and his pet is a 60 year old Tortoise called Torty.

Torty has been with Adrian for 59 years and his hobbies include; escaping under the fence into next doors garden and eating lots of salad and fruit. Torty’s favourite treats are dandelion leaves and buttercups; here is a picture of Adrian and Torty together.


Claire and Henry:

Claire is our Credit Controller and her pet is a Springer Spaniel called Henry, he is 2 years old

And Claire has had him from 8 weeks, Henry is mischievous and his hobbies include; dirty river runs and burying balls, any type of ball that he can get his paws on. Henry’s favourite treats are Dentastix, a tasty treat that’s also good for your teeth! Here is a picture of Claire and Henry.



Gayle and Boe:

Gayle is a Sales Administrator and her pet is Boe the cat, Boe is black and white and loves a cuddle, she’s 9 years old and has been with Gayle for 8 years. Her hobbies include; sleeping, snubbing people when she doesn’t want affection, dribbling and much to her mum’s annoyance scratching up the carpet. Boe’s favourite treats are Turkey which she only gets at Christmas and a scratch behind the ear. Have a look at Gayle and Boe. 


Jemma, Tig and Bow:

Jemma is a Sales Executive and her pet pals are sisters Bow and Tig, both Tabby cats, they are 5 years old and Jemma has had them for 5 years. Their hobbies include; dribbling, bringing in birds from their hunts and furry snuggles together and with Jemma. Their favourite treats are meaty treats and catnip.


Becky and Oscar

Becky is a Sales Administrator and her pet is Oscar the bearded dragon, Oscar is 2 years old and Becky has had him for 1 year and 8 months.  Becky’s bearded buddy changes colour with his mood when he’s happy he is Orange and when he’s not happy he goes black. Oscar’s hobbies include; cuddles, sitting like a parrot on Becky’s shoulder and watching TV. His favourite treats are locusts, mealworms and strawberries.


Laura and Ruby:

Laura is a Sales Executive and her pet is Ruby the cat, Ruby is black, white and ginger, she is 9 years old and has been with Laura for her whole life. Her hobbies include; learning new tricks – she can sit on command, dribbling and exploring the gardens next door. Her favourite treats are chew sticks, see Laura and Ruby here.



We love our dogs, cats, tortoises and bearded dragons here at IDentilam, leave us a comment on our twitter post about you and your pets here

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