The IOT (Internet of things)

What is it and how can we embrace it?

With so many conversations happening online and offline regarding IOT (internet of things) we wanted to share how we at IDentilam have embraced the ever evolving world of interactive devices. Including how we as a collective should embrace this technology instead of fearing it.

What is it?

So many people feel this is just another buzz word regarding a fairly new technology. It isn’t. In actual fact the first internet connected toaster was launched in 1989. As with any disruptive technology this has been years in the making and has been happening without us even knowing it.

The Internet of Things in short means ‘connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk to us, applications and each other.

How will this affect businesses and work?

Again another question we have seen raised time and time again. However, the word affect would imply that this is something outside of our control and the impact it has. This is not the case, as with all evolving and developing technologies it is how you utilise these for the benefits whilst bearing in mind the possible negative outcomes.

How have IDentilam embraced the IOT for the benefit of our customers?

Our business operates in two main sectors, corporate and events. Within both sectors we understand the high pressured fast pace which impacts all industries. We are a solutions based company and aim to not only service clients with high-end products/services but to also make their lives easier in the process.

We understood the painstaking process clients have had to face when organising events, from creating attendee badges through to tracking delegate attendance. The same applies within the corporate sector…monitoring security access, issuing large quantities of staff ID cards etc. We listened and provided a solution.

Using our ComPic Web solution you can now access your event or staff database direct from your device whilst on-site or away from your desk. Management at your finger-tips.

Taking it one step further we then introduced Badge and Track to tie in offline with online…how many people actually attended your event and where did they go? Which access points were used? With badge and track you can even track attendees in real time giving direct insight on the go.

We have seen great success through our applications and pride ourselves on the continued feedback from customers regarding our services. We haven’t stopped there though…we are now in the final stages of launching our own IDentilam Badge & Track App which will be coming imminently so don’t forget to check back after launch and see how we have disrupted the market place even further.

Is the IOT secure?

As with all areas of technology that hold personal data there is a fear regarding security. Data security is something we take very seriously here at IDentilam and we comply fully with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA). All data is stored on secure servers protected by firewalls, SSL (secure socket layer) & STP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Still not sure?

We understand that not everyone is ready for this change which is why we still service entire events with experienced and knowledgeable IDentilam staff to cover all your event’s needs.

If you would like to chat with the team at IDentilam regarding our range of services please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1293 851711 or email

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