Laura’s first 20/20 Networking Event

I had such a great day at the Prestige Events 20/20 Networking event that I decided to recap my day for you all to enjoy with me.

At IDentilam we attend only a few key events through the year and this is one of them. It’s such a great opportunity to meet some new people and learn more about the companies they are representing. With only ten minutes each round you have to pack a lot of information into that length of time, however it does mean you are focused on key points and not tempted into idle chit chat. It’s incredibly interesting and beneficial to listen to whats happening in the ever changing industries and event market.

I decided to take along some products to share with people…out of all the lanyards and various badges I took, on the day the IDhesive folding badges were definitely the most popular. From the feedback we received at the event, the main appeal of these is that they can be attached directly to a lanyard without the need for a wallet. Adrian our factory manager, who developed this idea, was especially pleased with this feedback when I told him.

The even better part of the event is that all the businesses who attended were there to make connections within their industry with people who could support them over the coming year. For a business with a range of exciting products recently launched to market (or launching later in the year) this gave us the opportunity to match with clients who genuinely wanted/needed our services.

Since the event I have been in contact with a number of businesses whom we had the pleasure of connecting with and I am already working with them to see how we can support them this year. No need for invasive marketing, cold calling etc. just a simple meeting of supply and demand. Businesses supporting businesses, exactly what the team at IDentilam are all about.

Prestige Events, thank you for a fantastic day, London Stadium was a superb venue and the staff on the day made the day seem seamless.

If you are in need of any badging, ID software services, or just want to chat about what we can offer you, then please do just give us a call.

Many thanks,


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