Putting the identity into IDentilam

Over 30 years in business (I know we look so young, it’s hard to believe) the one thing we have learnt is that a strong team is the number one key to our success. We know we wouldn’t be half the company we are if it wasn’t for our lovely team, from our in-house developers through to our sales team they are the key mechanism that keeps the cogs of IDentilam turning.

We don’t sell our services through a click to buy button, the team offer support and guidance so that a client is matched with the service that suits them best. Without them our clients wouldn’t be saying the lovely things they are about us…https://www.identilam.co.uk/case-studies/.

We take great pride in our team and we wanted everyone to meet the team who put the identity into IDentilam. So we asked some of  the team do it for themselves…we promise these are their words not ours, you can ask them yourselves.

My name is Laura and I have been at IDentilam for 6 months working as a Sales Executive. Having a degree in fashion some may question why I am now working for a badging software company…? The answer is simple,the united team spirit makes it a great place to work, whether that’s in the office or demonstrating at trade fairs. There are so many opportunities to learn and progression in the company is fantastic. I have to say the work/life balance is also key for me as you will often find me at the gym or in the cinema….that’s if I am not indulging in my love of cars.

I am Dawn and I have been at IDentilam for 7 years now working as a Project Coordinator in the Bureau. I like the simple things in life including walking, reading, Pilates and films to name a few. Working at IDentilam, I have found the zen from my personal life flows into my professional life. The great company ethos drives such a positive attitude from the staff it makes a strong communicative team. Dealing with a diverse set of clients from old to new I get to walk through the process with them. Looking after events from the start to finish I love that I get to support clients all the way through.

 I am Julie and I have been at IDentilam for 25 years working as the Financial Controller…all I can say is they must be good to have made me want to stay all of these years. In all seriousness working at IDentilam is great fun…that’s it in a nutshell. You don’t get that in a lot of work places, the jokes around the office put a smile on my face every day. Working in finance I am absorbed in daily tasks such as pension enrollment, data interpretation, customised reporting so it’s key for me that I work with a team who are personable and friendly to provide light relief in the day. I agree with Laura the work life balance is a key area for me, I love to switch off at the weekend and tend to my garden or go to the theater which I am able to do without the stress and worry of work that can be piled on to some people in other businesses.

I am the Factory Manager at IDentilam and I have been for 19 years, my name is Adrian. No one day is the same at IDentilam which is what I love the most, with a variety of products and the opportunity to design even more keeps me on my toes. Mentoring staff is something that comes easy to me as I am currently closely following my son’s university journey, supporting him every step of the way. As much as I would love to spend my time travelling around the US working at IDentilam keeps me fully occupied, 19 years speaks for itself!

My name is Rebecca and I have only been at IDentilam for 3 months but already feel totally intergrated into the team. Everyone is genuinely so friendly and happy…the fact that management actually listen to your ideas speaks volumes. My treasured spare time is spent at home with my large family 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bearded dragon so I value a role where my voice is heard. You only have to ask for help once and the whole team are on hand. Working with clients is made even easier with the wide variety of products and software that service a variety of client’s needs.

Having worked at IDentilam for 31 years I can only agree with the comments from my fellow colleagues. I am the corporate director, I project manage bespoke software solutions, sustain our ISO 9001 certification, Sourcing and evaluating new ancillary products, scanners, remote control cameras, cloud services. None of which would be possible without a happy focused team working toward the same goals. My love of skiing and boating keeps me exhilarated in my personal life and the ever developing progress of IDentilam keeps me animated at work, a win win situation. Paula.

I’m Jemma and I have been at IDentilam for 6 months. I recently passed my driving test which has given me such freedom in my life, much like my career at IDentilam. There is such an excellent in-house training programme in place that each day I feel my competency grow so I am able to assist clients with the variety of enquiries we get every day. I am sure that others may of said this already but it’s such a friendly environment that breeds a great atmosphere, motivating me every day.

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