How to NOT let event badging get the better of you

Paper insert sheets 2 amyEven now with all the technology in the world, there are still the simpler things we do that are tricky to get right. Let’s take for example your conference and event badging. Now whilst we are all familiar and comfortable with using software packages such as Word, there are still times where their limitations for creating event badges get the better of us – issues with alignments, hand cutting the badges and so on – frustrating right?

There are software options available out there designed specifically for badge production which will make your life easier in terms of saving time, waste and money. But learning something new, or changing what we’re used to, can seem daunting – but it doesn’t need to be. To help you we have put together a few details of the options we have available at IDentilam to get you started;

We offer four main software options, with two of these, Conference Card Creator and ComPic specifically designed for creating and printing your own badges in house, or on the move.

CONFERENCE-INSERTSIt doesn’t matter what your badge design is, whether it’s a simple name, company and a logo or a more intricate and complex design including barcodes, embellishments and coloured strips, the software makes it simple to set up and print.

Once you have completed the badge design and added your delegate information; which can be imported into the customisable database from Excel or similar, you can access it all easily at your desk or on-site, at an event or conference, in case of any last minute sign ups or name changes.

Printing the badges couldn’t be easier; you can batch print, in your choice of order, for example alphabetical by first or last name. Or if you are onsite at your event and only need one badge, you can add the relevant information into the database and print the single record.

Conference Card Creator our entry level system is very easy to use but has many features and benefits for badging. The software allows you to create paper badge inserts, add custom colours, and overlay text; for which you can import your own fonts IDhesiveand easily plot and size logos. It’s very user friendly and enables users to produce creative designs of badges.  Many different types and sizes of badge can be created with Conference Card Creator, using pre-loaded templates, ranging from 74x41mm up to A6. As well as paper Conference Badge inserts and large folding badges, our new and very popular IDhesive badges can also be produced, so this software really can accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Our ComPic software offers all of the features and badge type options as Conference Card Creator, with the addition of the option to add colour photographs for photo ID badges and also design and print PVC plastic credit card style badges using our Doppie direct to plastic card printers.

And just to keep on giving – both software options have the added flexibly of printing your paper name badge inserts and IDhesives using a standard inkjet or laserjet printer, or the new super-fast Label Printer C3500 which is available with our software bundles.

Wait there’s more! As well as being a really cost effective and simple way to print your badges, there are a number of add-ons available for both ComPic and Conference Card Creator including our Badge & Track module. This will allow the user to add a unique barcode to each of their badges for tracking attendance during events and conferences by scanning using a barcode reader or by RFID technology.CLOSE-UP-ON-SITE

The system will enable the option to set up each reader to scan at a particular part of the event whether that is the registration desk, breakout session, a seminar, lunch or an exhibitor stand. The scanners can be set to track whether the attendee comes in or out of each point. After the data has been downloaded from the scanners, reports can be produced, filtered and exported to show delegates’ movement throughout the day. A far better way of keep an eye on things rather than ticking off a long list of names that’s for sure!

Got more questions? We are always here to help and can provide a demo of the software so you can see just how powerful, yet easy it is to use!

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