5 ways to get more from your badging this year

Conference and event badges have come a long way from the days of being used simply as a means of displaying the attendee’s name and organisation. We have gathered together 5 different ways to make sure you are getting more from your badging this year.

  1. Add security features

Increasingly, security is a hugely important factor at events and ensuring your badges can not be counterfeited is vital. With advanced printing technology widely available to all nowadays, standard badges can often be easily copied, so it is a good idea to consider adding a number of security features to your badges. Including a photo of the delegate ensures that badges can’t be swapped between individuals or used to gain access by someone else. Other security features such as holograms/holofoils, fine line security printing and printing with UV inks also help prevent badges being copied.

  1. Control, track and report on attendance to your events

Adding technology such as barcodes, RFID or NFC to your badges allows you to control access to your events, another security feature, as well as reporting on attendance and ‘no shows’. This can be a particularly useful way to find out which events or breakout sessions are popular and which areas of the venue are visited the most often. Badges can be scanned at entry points using a variety of handheld or mounted readers or attendance recorded from a longer range using ultra high frequency RFID or similar technology.

  1. Badges as a marketing tool

In addition to access control and attendance reporting, RFID or barcode badges can be used for networking, exhibitor lead capture, social media amplification and automatic exchange of seminar content or product literature, increasing their use as a marketing tool. Printing of the badges and lanyards with logos and background designs visual promotes the event branding as well as providing a great sponsorship opportunity.

  1. Select the most appropriate badge material

There is an ever growing choice of badge materials to suit all types of events, so choosing the most appropriate material for your event environment is an important consideration. Available badge materials include recyclable PVC for a more rigid and durable badge, 190 gsm paper with a peel and fold adhesive backing enabling the badges to be attached directly to a lanyard and inkjet/laser printable tear resistant plastic. There are also many different types of badge holder including flexible and rigid wallets as well as seal top wallets, ideal for outdoor events to protect your badge from the rain.

  1. Embellish your badges

At your event you might need to allocate different access rights to various areas, or assign delegates different privileges such as a car parking space or meal allowance. Rather than issuing a confusing number of different colours or designs of badges, consider using something like the Embellishments feature available with IDentilam’s badging software to control access. This enables text from a database field to be represented on the badge as a symbol or icon for quick and easy visual identification at points of access.

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