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Recently, we were surprised to hear that a prospective client was carrying 10 different ID cards around with him in the boot of his car, each for a different site he has to visit for work. He was telling us about how confusing this gets and that he’d much rather have one ID card which works for each site he visits.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Having a fully-working ID card system in place is crucial for any large company in 2016 to run smoothly. However, most companies have separate systems for each office or wait until their employees visit head office in order to issue or replace their ID card. Having one synchronised database and system which works simultaneously for each office or site would be much more efficient.

It is for this reason that IDentilam created our web based ID card system, ComPicWeb.

ComPicWeb can be accessed from anywhere in the world via an internet browser. Employees can register for their ID cards through a hosted URL, which is then automatically sent through to a dedicated manager to view the application and either accept or decline.

If the application is accepted by the dedicated manager, the ID card will be printed from a central location and sent out to the correct division.

If the user chooses to host ComPicWeb themselves, the system can be run from any location. Otherwise, you can choose for it to be hosted by IDentilam at a secure production facility.


If you think your company would benefit from a synchronised ID card system like ComPicWeb, please give one of our friendly team a call on 01293 851711 or send us your requirements to

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