E-badging: not a one-size-fits-all solution

So if you’re a professional in the event’s industry, you’re probably pretty familiar with e-badging by now, especially if you’ve been to an exhibition or large scale event over the past few years. E-badging is where an email, usually containing a barcode, is sent out in advance to delegates which is scanned on arrival and a badge printed. This is a very popular badging option at the moment and is often considered to be more eco-friendly than pre-printing hundreds of badges that have to be discarded when delegates don’t show up.

We’ve certainly seen a big growth in demand for this type of badging at IDentilam and have decided to highlight the pros and cons of both options to guide you in making an informed decision about the right option for your company and event.

As we touched upon before, e-badging certainly works very well for large-scale events and exhibitions whereby thousands of people can register but approximately a quarter of those people would actually turn up. Imagine if you’d pre-printed badges for all of those people; that’s a lot of effort and certainly a lot of waste. Sending out an email with a barcode for delegates to print off and bring to the event would be much more cost effective and efficient in this instance.

However, if you are holding an event or conference for a smaller amount of delegates or have higher security needs, the e-badging option may not be the most suitable for you. Whilst it is possible to print your badges on-site at the event, this isn’t necessarily going to be your quickest option, or most cost effective as there will be a higher cost associated with setting up additional stations on site. We think for this type of event the best option would generally be to pre-print the badges beforehand and distribute them when the delegates arrive.

E-badging is a fantastic option for the right kind of event but is certainly not a one size fits all option. We’ve composed a list of things to consider when deciding whether to e-badge or not:

  1. How high-security is your event?
  2. How important is the appearance, quality and durability of your badge?
  3. How many delegates will be attending your event compared to the amount that have registered?
  4. How big is your badging budget?
  5. Do you need the quickest possible on-the-day solution for your badging

If you have any other questions regarding e-badging or pre-printing your badges for your event, don’t hesitate to give our team a call, we’re always happy to help!

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