Top tips for lanyard success

When it comes to deciding what you want your lanyards to look like, you may think it’s as simple as red, black or blue – and quite often it is! However you would be surprised at how many other options there actually are! Let’s say for example, you need staff lanyards and are looking at plain green ones, but would you know to consider a safety breakaway? Or company logo?  And why is it even important to have lanyard in the first place?

If you look in the dictionary I’m pretty sure it will tell you that a lanyard is either; a rope or cord used on ships for securing sails, or more aptly for us in the events world; a cord for hanging a whistle etc. around the neck – although whistles are an option, we are more likely to have a badge attached.


With this year being our 30th anniversary, IDentilam have decided to look back at the last 3 decades of lanyard production, and wanted to share with you a few of our top tips about how to choose the right ones for you!

Lanyards are still one of the most popular badge accessories on the market, and are a perfect way to promote your company or sponsor at an event – so with that in mind, if you have an event on the horizon – here’s our first top tip;

Allow enough time! More often than not we get a manic phone call from people saying they need lanyards ASAP. Fear not, we can offer a turnaround of between 4-5 days. However, this may limit your options so it’s best to contact us well in advance. All of our lead times are from signed approval of the final artwork – so the sooner the artwork is confirmed the quicker we can get production started.


Don’t underestimate what branded lanyards can do for your company!  Not only will they unite your staff in projecting a corporate message or promoting a company image, they also help form a sense of identity. Some of our customers even like to change the lanyards every year to provide something new and inspiring for their staff. This leads us onto our second top tip;

Ask for a sample! Because there so much to choose from, it’s not always easy knowing what to have. So to help, we can provide sample lanyards which will give an indication of lace and print type and also the many different lanyard attachments that are available.

Have your artwork ready! Our lanyard production is a super speedy process and it helps if you can have your artwork ready in EPS format ready for us to import into a visual. This means we can get it signed off quickly to prevent any delays.

Don’t dismiss any whacky ideas too quickly! You’d be surprised as to how bespoke we can make our lanyards. If there’s something specific you require for your event, no matter how crazy the request is, just let us know, it might be something we are able to offer – you’ll be surprised at what we’ve supplied in the past.

For any information regarding lanyards and the options that are available to you, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the IDentilam team.

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