Managing a synchronised ID card database

Whether your offices are based locally or across the globe, running a staff ID card database for a company with several locations is a challenge encountered surprisingly frequently, especially for companies that have employees working off-site, at their house or in a different location every day.

Usually companies have to wait until staff members visit a local or head office before they can issue or replace an ID card. Furthermore, each workplace might have their own individual ID card system causing inconsistencies of data and design across the company.

This problem can be fixedweb-based ID card system by using our web based ID card system ComPicWeb, available as part of our card bureau service or hosted by you to assist in-house production.

ComPicWeb allows staff members to apply for their ID cards online through a hosted URL. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, all that you need is access to the internet.

Once an employee has registered for their ID card via ComPicWeb and provided the information required, their application is sent to the chosen manager to either approve or decline. This can be divided into separate divisions so that only the line manager from each region can view the applications that have been sent through.

If the users have chosen to host ComPicWeb by themselves, this means they will run the system from any chosen location, approve, print and post the ID cards out to their staff. Otherwise, they can choose for it to be hosted by us at a secure production facility. We will check the database for approved requests on an arranged basis; the approved passes will then be printed and sent directly to the right division.

web-based ID cards

The registered details are then kept on the designated database for selected individuals within the business to have access rights to. Access rights can be altered as much as is needed to keep the database protected and private. Reports are then created online to keep track of things such as the date an ID card was printed, the amount of cards issued and the time the cards are due for renewal.

So, if sifting through spreadsheets and faffing with photographs should be a thing of the past, contact a member of our team for more information on +44 (0)1293 854700.

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