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Sustainable badging

We often get asked if we can provide a sustainable badging solution, and it always gives us great pleasure to say YES! We offer a whole range of ‘green’ products such as Eco lanyards, recyclable wallets and BIO (degradable) PVC Cards.

The BIO PVC card is an alternative to standard PVC cards and have the following properties:

  • Same stability as standard calendared PVC
  • Same high white content/appearance
  • Same suitability for printing, embedding, embossing, die cutting
  • Same ink and laminate adhesion

To complement your BIO cards, we recommend ECO friendly lanyards. The lanyards are made from recycled plastics. Polyester ‘flakes’ are used as the raw material to create polyester fibres which in turn are made into lanyards.

We are constantly striving to be sustainable and in order for us to do this we do the following:

  • Minimize product waste
  • Follow a strict quality management procedure which operates under the ISO 9001/2008
  • All paper and plastics used on a day to day basis are recycled
  • We always ensure that any materials which cannot be reprocessed are disposed of without causing any harm to the environment.

For further information on our ‘green’ Eco friendlier products or for a quote please contact us.

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