Badging & Branding Trends for Conference and Events

With a shift in the market towards larger format badges, innovative lanyard designs and creative badging solutions, we have taken a look at past and present trends in the way our branding and badging options have evolved.

We are always looking at new innovations and feedback from our clients, so from day one our products have moved in line with this. For example, if a customer wants a photo ID card with microchip technology to read the cards stored data, we can deliver. Or if a customer wants a large format badge so they can fit everything and anything on to the design for easy recognition, we can deliver. And if a customer wants us to create a brand new bespoke and unique product using their company branding, then of course we can deliver.

The choices in badging and accessories weren’t always this vast – when we first started the company almost 30 years ago, ID cards were made using  passport photos, pouches and laminating machines and supplied with plain lanyards and holders. There are some companies who we still provide this system for today, but for IDentilam to move forward and continue to meet with a rising demand in badging technology and branding ideas, we have researched, designed and developed some of the highest quality products available on the market for 2014.  Some of our most popular products currently are;

Metal ‘Pit Pass’ style attachments:

Metal 'Pit pass' style | IDentilam

Metal ‘Pit Pass’ style lanyard attachments branded with company logo.

These are most popular for large sporting events, especially for VIP guests and high profile companies. They can be branded with a company logo and give an expensive and luxurious feel to the lanyard and badge, and are often taken home by the delegate as a souvenir!

Credential, multi & branded wallets:

Document wallets are an ideal solution for delegates to store their programmes or brochures whilst at the event. These can be branded to promote a sponsor or company, and as they are all made to order there are plenty of designs to choose from!

RFID badging:

As an alternative to barcode technology and used with our Badge & Track software to control and report on attendance to conferences and events.

ComPic Mobile Lite:

A hand held scanner is used to allow or deny access to certain areas within the conference or event. The reader will immediately recognise the delegate badge upon scanning the barcode, and state whether the delegate has been allocated access or not. Perfect for VIP areas or pre-paid seminars!

Conference Card Caddie:

Card caddie | IDentilam

Conference Card Caddie for delegate badge storage and display

The Conference Card Caddie is our ultimate must have accessory for organising and distributing your delegate badges at your event. The Caddie can be branded with your company logo on, to look that little bit more professional.

Large format PVC badges:

These larger sized badges are the latest fashion for many types of events, particularly is the Sports industry. They allow you to display relevant information clearly, and are especially useful for designated areas of access, colour coding and photo ID.

If you would like to find out more details for these items or anything else from our product range, please contact our sales team and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

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