5 reasons you should have name badges

As well as being a handy prompt, there are more substantial reasons why we feel name badges play an important part in the workplace. Here are just some of them;

Customer Service: Generally you are more likely to seek help from someone wearing a name badge; it shows you straight away that they are there to offer you some assistance.

Staff Management: Unfortunately most of the bad customer service is what makes the media get into frenzy and is well publicised. However by giving your clients/customers the opportunity to offer feedback whether it is praise or constructive criticism can help build your team and make changes if necessary.

PVC ID Cards

Staff Security Name Badges

Safety: You may have seen our previous blogs about why ID badging at events is integral. Well for the same reasons we feel that name badges in the workplace are just as important. Often this is the simplest way to enforce a level of security but can often be an oversight. The main advantage of course is that you can quickly and easily identify people. Granted you may not work for a top secret government body but none the less they are still expensive and valuable items kept in the workplace, imagine how easily someone could just walk in and take something!

Marketing: They are a great conversation opener! Imagine you’re at an exhibition for example and a customer approached you, the first thing they check is your name. People like to speak to each other on a personal yet professional level and wearing a name badge portrays just this. Of course not only does this say ‘I am happy to help’ and ‘ask me about our products’, it also shows that you have expertise and knowledge.

Staff Name Window Badges

Staff Name Window Badges

Corporate identity: It’s not all about the customer’s experience. Staff badges can actually have a positive impact on your staff. They help staff feel part of the organisation. By pinning the badge on their uniform every day for work and can make people take pride in what they do and who they work for. See what one of our customers has said about theirs;

“They are easy to use, not expensive, strong, and popular with the staff and wear them every day”. Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Well if we haven’t convinced you yet but would like further information contact one of our sales team and they will be happy to help.

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