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badge-and-trackDoes your conference require an additional level of security? Do you need to see who’s arrived, when and where from? Do you need to provide your clients with comprehensive reports? Or are you just fed up with ticking names of a list when everyone’s arrives? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is why you should consider delegate attendance tracking at your meetings and events.

Badge & Track attendance tracking software allows you to set up and manage session bookings, control access, report on attendee movements and much more. It’s a plug-in module which works with both of our badging systems, ComPic and Conference Card Creator.

The system is really simple to use, as well as user configurable. So for example you may want to track attendance and no-shows at a single event (particularly handy for companies who need to quickly see who hasn’t attended an event where perhaps a payment was made for their placement) or to control access to a specific seminar or session based on certain search criteria’s, such as a job title or company name. Whatever information you need, Badge & Track delivers it in the format you need it.

So how does it work? 

When your badges are created, they are personalised with a unique identifier (IUD) in the form of a barcode or RFID number. Whenever the badges are scanned, on entry or exit, the data is collected. You can choose from a range of plastic or paper badge types and styles, depending on whether you are using ComPic (plastic or paper) or Conference Card Creator (paper only).

Up to 200 sessions can be set up for each event, for example seminars, door entry points, sports matches, lunch bookings etc. and sessions may be linked automatically to badge designs to ensure holders are not issued with an incorrect design.

Useful features 

Badge & Track has options for either single or batch printing with an automatic sorting function such as A-Z. You’ll save time with the fast search & find function for reissuing  badges that have been lost or mislaid, and quickly create new badges when needed. Paper badges will have a barcode printed for tracking, while plastic badges can have a barcode or RFID embedded. Also a room fill option keeps a rolling record of arrival details and totals, presented as a running report for immediate reference as delegates check in.

ComPic Mobile Lite Reader

New ComPic Mobile Lite Readers

Some readers will record date and time of attendance only whereas others can be used for more advanced right of entry purposes – see our NEW ComPic Mobile Lite for details.

Comprehensive reporting 

You can view a range of on screens reports including total attendance, attendance at individual sessions, no shows, attempts to attend when not allowed, date and time ranges and filtering by ‘in’ and ‘out’ scans. It’s a simple process to run reports for chasing no shows or late arrivals, or badges awaiting collection.

To find out more, please visit our website or contact us for further details.

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