IDentilam – the badging company’s new identity

identilam128If you are a regular reader of our blogs you will have noticed that we have a new website!

At the end of last year we decided to start the long process of changing our website.  We have been busy photographing, writing and editing the website, changing the layout and colours – in fact everything! And all this in between the onsite services and shows we have been attending so needless to say we have been pretty nonstop but finally we are pleased to announce its arrival!

As with any event organiser we found that having a website that is usable on the go is imperative, so for any last minute badging needs or support our website can now be accessed easily using smart phones and tablets.

Because of our wide ranging products and services, it’s important to have an easy to navigate website, so we now have a range of headings for each category enabling you to find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently. We also have a ‘chat now’ option for instant contact with one of our sales reps.

You may have also noticed the new photos of our products with some of our staff! Gayle our sales administrator and co-blogger was whisked off to a photo shoot at the beginning of this year to model our range of badging goods, look out for her also on our twitter page and give us a follow!

With the launch of our new ComPic Mobile Lite already this year and now our new website, we can say already that 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us at IDentilam. As with all our products and services if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you.

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