Benefits of using RFID badges for events

Why do event organisers want to use RFID technology for their events? Well we’ve been providing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) badging for many years now but up until fairly recently this has mainly been used for recording and controlling delegate attendance to events as a direct alternative to barcode technology. Increasingly our clients are looking to utilise RFID in other areas such as social media integration and cashless payments.

ComPic Mobile Lite Reader

New ComPic Mobile Lite Readers

We predict that RFID will continue to increase over the next few years; but fear not – the traditional barcode still has its place! For fairly simple transactions such as recording the date and time of attendance to events, a vast majority of our customers still use barcode technology as it’s less expensive to put in place and tends to be more reliable. In fact RFID is often the preferred choice only because it appears to be more modern and cutting edge rather than actually being used to provide anything extra.

Added security 

So what measure can event organisers take to reduce the risk of forgery or exchanging of badges? Well certainly by adding a photograph to the badge helps to ensure the person wearing it is who they say they are! A lot of customers who organise paid for events suffer from delegates purchasing one badge and then passing it around for their colleagues to use, resulting in lost revenue but this is easily stopped by adding a photo.

There are many other features you can be add to your badges to reduce the risk of counterfeiting, such as including a holographic overlay, holofoils, fine line security printing and UV inks. It’s a case of matching the specification of the badges with the likely risk to forgery; there is no point in skimping on the badges if this will result in lost revenue or worse, a security breach.

In addition technology can be used to control fraudulent use of badges. This can be in the form of barcodes or RFID used in conjunction with physical barriers or for a number of our clients we provide hand held Wi-Fi badge readers that can cross check data and images with a centralised accreditation database for verification.

Onsite badging

Onsite badging

Outsourcing your badges

We can provide our clients with a full service both pre-event and onsite to produce badges on the day. Alternatively we offer a range of badge printers and software so the organiser can manage the whole processes themselves if they prefer. With both options the database and badge styles are loaded onto the system making it easy to print consistent quality badges quickly at the event.

“As you would expect we tackle many accreditation systems on a regular basis and this has been one of the most efficient, simple and well run versions we have come across.”

Senior Editor,
Global News Agency

Final thought

So what top tip would we provide to any event organiser when sourcing ID badges for their events? Easy – plan ahead! Badging is often one of the last things organisers get around to arranging and although, like most people in the event industry, we are used to working to extremely tight deadlines, it does limit the available options if everything is left to the last minute. Please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you and discuss your badging requirements.

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