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Conference and event delegate badging

Your event is looming and you still have the badges to do. Okay you’ve rather left them to the last minute again but surely it should be quite a quick and simple job…..but it never seems to be.  Sound familiar?

You’re not alone, a large percentage of our prospective clients call us looking to improve their badging system. Often they use Word or something similar to mail merge into a pre-set up template which when printed, often moves around the page. This then requires the person creating the badges to re-adjust numerous times in order to get all the badges looking uniformed.

Well, Conference Card Creator could be the solution for you. This software package is our entry level system that allows you to produce professional paper badges hassle free!

Conference Card Creator effectively has two parts – the first being the comprehensive database where you can personalise the configuration for example you can have fields showing full name, organisation, country etc. Up to 20 fields and more can be added if needed. You then import the data via an easy CSV file with a click of a button – a pop up message will alert you to how many records you have uploaded. The brilliant part of the database setup is the error file which will recognise any duplicates or unclean data which can then be checked and reloaded, making your life so much easier when it comes to spotting any issues.

The second and fun part of the software is the design feature. Our clients are amazed at the options we have to design badges. You can upload and drop onto the badge as many logos or backgrounds colours/designs as you wish and can have multiple badge designs to denote category such as VIP, Speakers, Guest, and Delegates etc. which is very useful when printing. Then you can put the required database text onto your badge designs and print – your badge is complete!

Perforated inserts with conference holders

Perforated inserts with conference holders

Most of our software users print the majority of the badges prior to the event. This can be done using a batch printing option which allows you to print your badges in any order that you require – alphabetical, by surname, company and so on.

The best part of the software in my opinion is the printing onsite option. If someone arrives with an unregistered guest you can manually create a new record typing in the details required for the badge. This badge can then be printed off matching all the other badges. Another plus is that when people misplace their badges, you can search within the system to find them and reprint the badge then and there!  As we are not keen on waste we supply a range of A6 1up inserts which allow you to produce one badge at a time rather than a whole A4 sheet of paper onsite – a massive time and cost saving solution!

If you are looking for an entry level system that will help you produce professional badges in an easy and efficient manner send us an email to or drop us a line on 01293 851 711 and we can discuss your requirements further.

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