New Product Alert- ComPic Mobile Lite

We are pleased to announce an additional software solution!

ComPic-Mobile-Lite-ReaderControlling delegate access to events with instant visual approval or denial has become increasingly imperative for high security events. More and more we are finding that event organisers want not only to monitor attendance at their events but also to be able to control allow or deny access to certain areas or breakout events. Our development team are always kept busy developing new software to address ever changing industry demands and so have created our new product to meet this requirement; ComPic Mobile Lite.

ComPic Mobile Lite works with ComPic, our proprietary software solution for the design and management of paper and PVC delegate badges with either a barcode or RFID, using a new hand held badge reader (CMPDA), which provides remote validation of delegate badges for booked areas or events. The software package is simple to manage, from data entry to badge design, ID card issuing and management reports.

Delegate data is downloaded onto the CMPDA reader from ComPic and the reader is set up to validate your chosen area or event, for example the entrance hall, seminar room or VIP area. The data transfer and set up take only a matter of seconds and you then simply take the reader away and start scanning your badges! With each scan the reader will display the key data fields for the badge holder and also give an audible signal, allowing or denying the delegates admittance.

ComPic Mobile Lite has been particularly successful for monitoring media accreditation and attendance at sporting and government events where we provided onsite badging last year.

If you would like further information or a demonstration of our new product please contact our Sales team.

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