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Online forums are great for the conference and events industry; you can share things of common interest, have conversations and debates and so on, but helpfully they also offer tips and tricks of the trade. So as I was browsing through one the other day, I came across one about the disadvantages of using Word to create conference and event badges. These are just a couple of the issues that seemed to be most common with event organisers, where there seems to be no real solution;

  • Cannot add a second sheet to this template. Hitting Enter again adds two more labels but they are not aligned.
  • If you try to copy it to other pages, it messes up and puts the bottom two labels on the next page, so you get 3 pages instead of 2 and the 2nd and 3rd pages are not right.

Does this sound like something you experienced? How many times have you positioned a logo and suddenly found it has a mind of its own and relocates on the design? Or thrown away sheets and sheets of badge paper because you can’t quite get the template right?

Whilst we all know and love Word, there appears to be limitations to its use for creating event badges, but we have an event badging solution that not only allows you to design badge styles but also to create databases for different events. This solution is Conference Card Creator.

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Pre-set template sizes

So how does it work? Conference Card Creator software lets you incorporate colour logos, backgrounds, and personal details, choose from various pre-set card sizes from a drop down list (to eliminate any alignment issues), print small or large print runs, and import data via a CSV facility.

Other benefits and features to this system is the extensive reporting facilities, comprehensive badge design package and individual badge printing which can be added to the database then and there for the odd few delegates that have forgotten their badge and need one printed onsite – which is one of the many things we are asked for from our customers.

Another huge benefit of the software is that it allows you to save all the data and badge design to a project. So should you have a repeat conference, or the same delegates returning for a future event, it allows you to use the same data, and any amendments or additional delegate information can easily be added and duplicates updated.

Wallets for event badges

Wallets for event badges

The software allows you to have more time and less expense wasting perforated paper, and for all the badge sizes that are available within the system, we provide the exact perforated paper to fit, as well as the wallets and holders to complete the look of your event badge.

It has been designed and created by us and is used in our In House Bureau Department but it also available to purchase. A few hours training is all it takes to be up and running, and an extensive range of designs, printable reports and badge layouts are at your fingertips! Get in touch to find out more or arrange a demo!

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