IDentilam help making the difference with the Sainsbury School Games

Sainsbury-School-GamesSainsbury’s School Games lanyard with pass. Its back to school now and back to school can only mean one thing – the Sainsbury’s School Games. Whilst the young athletes have been in training, our Bureau team Dawn and Lisa have been busy organising the event badges and accreditation.

The Sainsbury’s School Games is held annually to encourage more young people into taking part in sports, this year it is being held in Sheffield. After the Olympics and Paralypmics many of us were inspired to take up a sport and it seems that the number of children joining school clubs has increased too. So maybe we will be witnessing the next Usain Bolt or Mo Farah!

We have been providing the onsite service since 2006. Every onsite service varies depending on the events; however the following gives you an idea of what will happen for this event.

      • We set up the design of the passes in our software system ComPic, and produce over 4000 passes.
      • Photos of all staff, athletes, and attendees etc. who have pre-registered their details, are sent to us in advance. From this we can upload their details into the system and then print their passes on large format badge which is laminated for added security. We also supply the passes with branded lanyards to promote the event and any sponsors.

UK-School-Games-lanyard-with-pass-232x300Branded lanyard with laminated event pass

      • The pass designs are printed with specific symbols which are created by ‘triggers’ in the software where multiple categories of access are required – so for example, if someone has access rights to the canteen, this appears as a knife and fork on their badge.
      • Any last minute printing can be done for lost or forgotten badges. These are printed in under a minute – much quicker than trying to find a name from a list or a pile of badges on the table!
      • Post event reporting is standard to our service – this provides the organisers with an accurate report of the attendance from everyone at the event.


This year the games are being held in Sheffield on the 12th – 15th of September. Whilst we won’t be able to catch all of the events, we wish all the young athletes the best of luck!

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