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Conference Card Creator, a paper badging software package from IDentilam

The vast majority of our clients prior to using Conference Card Creator generally use Word to create a badge template. It often leads to lots of duplicates, cross checking and wastage – wastage to me not only means money but also leaving a bigger environmental footprint than necessary.

The Conference Card Creator software is the solution to exactly those problems, for further details click here. The software allows you to design and create professional paper conference badges on a PC or Laptop in conjunction with a standard inkjet or laser printer, so no need for a specialist badge printer. There is a large range of badge sizes, all of which we supply the exact perforated insert, so no more trial and error to match up paper and badge sizes. Importing the data is easy and should there be any “unclean data” this is clearly visible on an error file.

Another huge benefit of the software is that it allows you to save all the data and badge design to a project. So should you have a repeat conference, or the same delegates returning for a future event, it allows you to use the same data, and any amendments or additional delegate information can easily be added and duplicates updated.

If you would like to not only save time and money give our sales team a call and they can talk you through the options and even arrange a demo if you would like to see the software in action.

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