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Often when looking through industry magazines and literature I come across articles that describe record attendances, more participants etc. This is great news for the events industry but how do they record the record amount of delegates? That’s where we at IDentilam step in and help. Even in our high tech society that we live in today we still get people enquiring into our Badge & Track software to see if there is a quick and easy way to record delegates. Often their method is ticking off names on a list or counting the badges at the end of an event. Badge & Track offers a quick, efficient and accurate way to keep track of your delegates, more information here.

The Badge & Track software allows you to set up and manage session bookings, control access, report on attendee movements and much more. It is a plug-in module which works with both of our badging systems, ComPic and Conference Card Creator.

It works by personalising each badge with a unique identifier (UID) in the form of a barcode or RFID number. Whenever, a badge is scanned on entry or exit, data is collected. You can then run real-time or post-event reports. (We offer a range of barcode and RFID scanners for purchase or hire).

Badge & Track is simple and intuitive to use. It is highly customisable depending on your requirements. For example, if you wish to track attendance and no-shows at an event, or control access to specific breakout sessions based on job title or other criteria, you can. So dependent on the information you require for your event Badge & Track can deliver it.

If you are still using the old counting or ticking method and would like a quick and easy tracking option then contact our sales team.

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