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Dawn Ballam – Bureau Projects Coordinator

I have been with IDentilam for just over 3 years now, and as Bureau Projects Coordinator part of my role involves speaking with customer on a daily basis so that I can assist them with the supply of ID cards and event badges.

Since joining the company, I’ve seen an increase in enquiries from companies who don’t want to tie up their valuable time and staff to issue ID cards, nor do they want to purchase a system. So this is where we come in and offer a high level of service for ID cards and event badge production that is tailored to suit each company’s individual needs.

One of most enjoyable aspects of my role is the variation – there are rarely 2 days the same! I have been here, there and everywhere for onsite badging services – Istanbul, Bahrain, Berlin, Paris, Reading and even Buckingham Palace!

With clients from some of the most sensitive UK companies and organisations; as suppliers to governments and high profile sporting events our security credentials are well established and as you can imagine with all the well publicised events taking place this summer, we have been very busy, particularly with onsite technical support for event accreditation in and around London.

Being onsite and working long hours can be exhausting but there are some perks that come with the role – enjoying some of the reception canapés handed round, no champagne of course (well not during the working hours at least), I also get to work in some of the most grand locations such as the Royal Academy of Arts and we have recently stayed at a luxurious hotel in Dublin – however it’s not all that glamorous as more often than not we are working behind the scenes at most events and based in a Portakabin. All in a day’s work!

My top tips to our customers for the production of their ID cards would be make sure their photos are suitable – we often get images of people posing, pouting or on holiday. Which of course make for great a photo, but when it comes to an ID card, please keep to head and shoulder shots only.

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