Linking Web Registrations & HR Systems to COMPIC Badging Software

What does API stand for?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

What is an API?

APIs are what make it possible to move information between systems using a set of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another.
APIs are also used to facilitate communication between various software components within an application e.g. communication between our ComPic software and Badge & Track mobile app.

How can an API work for me?

An API makes it possible to move information between systems, connecting via a defined interface to a third-party application e.g. linking your ComPic badging system to a web event registration system to;

  • share data
  • avoid duplication of data entry
  • remove the need for manual import/export of information between databases

What are the advantages of an API?

APIs clearly define how a program can interact with the rest of the software world – saving time and resources and allowing optimum use of each process component to share resources.This might involve transfer of personal details of an event attendee for printing a badge, or with inclusion of algorithms/triggers to automatically allocate a wide range of badge types/sizes, embellishments, zoning, barcodes; also, allocation of key access/event data to the Badge & Track module.

How do I find out more?

Please contact us with the following outline information to find out how a web API interface would run between ComPic and your chosen event registration system or other data resource;

  • What is the name of the system you wish to use?
  • Which system will determine the point at which data is transferred – ComPic or third party?
  • Planned direction of data transfer i.e. ComPic to third party system or vice versa.